Primary Control Panel ACU

At the end of your observations, do not press the emergency stop button when the Stow Pin Motion is yellow as below.


Fig.36 ACU panel after > antennaPark.

Wait until Axis blocked appears in red before pressing the emergency stop, as in the following figure:


Fig.37 ACU panel when the antenna is correctly parked.

When the emergency stop button is pressed, different messages are in red, as indicated in the following figure:


Fig.38 ACU panel when the emergency button is pressed.







The antenna is not in tracking when the @ is red. Note that it can also be red when the antenna is in slewing (to reach the position of a target).

When the status of the scheduler is in FAILURE and the scan/subscan number is frozen, stop the schedule.


Fig.39 The scheduler status is in FAILURE


Logging Display


Fig.40 The error messages are show in the Logging Display with a short explanation of the related problem.


Fig.41 The warning message indicated by the blue arrow automatically appears when the emergency stop button is pressed.

Active Surface

The active surface does not work properly if a large fraction (a whole sector) becomes red. It is a problem in K-band observations.


Fig.42 A fraction of the active surface (red squares) does not work properly.


The real-time monitoring of the wind velocity is performed with the meteoClient on a nuraghe-mng shell: $ meteoClient. The red horizontal line corresponds to 60 km/h, the limit for observing with SRT.


Fig.43 The antenna is automatically stowed when the wind speed exceeds 60km/h.