Restart Discos

  1. On the discos-manager computer, open a terminal and give the following command:

    discos -start

    The graphical interface of the ACS Command Center appears (Fig.3).

    Check that remote and use native ssh are correctly selected in the Common settings panel.

    Click on Start in the Acs suite panel.

    In the Containers panel, click on the global green triangle located below the individual triangles to open all of the containers.

    On the Deployment Info panel, check that the 35 containers appear progressively.

  2. On the discos-console computer, open a terminal and give the following command:


    The 9 panels appear:

    From a virtual desktop, open a new terminal to start the active surface and write:

    SRTActiveSurfaceGUIClient &

    The related graphical interface is now open. Wait a few minutes until the single squares (representing the attuators) become green. The status of the active surface is in the “WARNING” configuration (Fig.7).

    From a virtual desktop, open two new terminals to start the panels related to the Meteo Client and the Calibration Tool Client (if necessary) and write, rispectively:

meteoClient &

calibrationtoolclient MANAGEMENT/CalibrationTool &

The graphical interfaces related to the meteo Client (Fig.9) and the calibration Tool Client (Fig.27) are now open and updated in real time.