Checks during the observations

$ : commands to insert in a shell

> : commands to insert in the operatorInput panel

logo: check the execution on the monitor

On discos-console

  1. Check that the data are correctly written in your project section :

    $ cd /home/[projectID]/data/yyyymmdd

  2. Look at the Quick-look of the data by clicking on the icon in the desktop of discos-console:


    Every now and then, check that the Quick-look tool is being updated. If it is not being updated, check the folder where the data are being written. If no data are being written, ask for help.

  3. ACS custom logging client

    The logging display shows warning and error messages. Warning messages are indicated in yellow while error messages are in red logo Fig.8.

    Check the possible error messages. Try to understand the origin of the problem and to solve it. In case of persistent/complex problem, contact and report the error messages and the associated UT to the responsible of the observation.

  4. Meteo client

    Check the wind speed on the Meteo client. If it exceeds 60 km/h, the antenna is automatically stowed. For observations in K-band, the wind speed should not exceed 30 km/h (value to be checked) otherwise the pointing accuracy will probably be lost. logo Fig.43

  5. Scheduler

    Check the status of the Scheduler is OK (green). During the tracking, @ is green while it is red during the slewing of the antenna. logo Fig.39

    Check the update of the number of scan/subscan according to your schedule (.scd). Scans will be skipped if the target is not visible at the moment of the observations.

    If you realize that the scan/subscan number is frozen or that the tracking is red while the antenna is tracking the source, stop the on-going schedule with:

    > stopSchedule (in the operatorInput)

    then start again the schedule:

    > startSchedule=[projectID]/…scd,n (with n the number of scan)

  6. MinorServo

    Check the status and the tracking are green logo Fig.23.

  7. ReceiverBoss

    Check the status is OK (green). If the derotator (dewar) is used, check the configuration and status (ready green). logo Fig.18

  8. AntennaBoss

    Check the status is OK (green), the coordinates of the source and the beam size value are correct (FWHM in degrees). The tracking @ is green when the source is correctly pointed (within 1/10 of the beam), while a red circle appears when the telescope is in slewing. logo Fig.12

  9. Mount

    Check the commanded azimuth and elevation of the antenna and its real position (in blue). The status must be green. logo Fig.15

  10. Active surface

    Check that the state of the active surface corresponds to your choice (shaped, shaped fixed, parabolic, parabolic fixed). logo Fig.4

    “OK” should be green during the observations.

    Sometimes, not all of the small squares of the active surface are green. Do not worry for that if they are spread randomly. Instead, it can be problematic if a large fraction (a whole sector) of the active surface becomes red, in particular in K-band (see logo Fig.42). Contact the responsible of the observation (observer friend).

Primary Control Panel ACU

Check that everything appears in green (see logo Fig.30). If a red box appears, put the cursor on it and look at the error message.

Contact and report the error messages to the responsible of the observation (observer friend).