End of the session

> : commands to insert in the operatorInput panel

logo: check the execution on the monitor

Your observations are now finished, we can stop the schedule and park the antenna.

On discos-console

  1. Stop your schedule :

    > haltSchedule the schedule stops at the end of the on-going subscan. logo Fig.22

  2. Park the minor servo, active surface and antenna

    > goTo=180d,89d logo Fig.15

    > servoPark logo Fig.26

    > asPark logo Fig.5

    Wait until the antenna has finished the goTo command and reached the position at 180° (azimuth) and 89° (elevation).

    > antennaPark logo Fig.16 logo Fig.36

Block the axes of the antenna

Look at the ACU monitor, wait until Axis blocked appears in red. It can take a few minutes after the command > antennaPark has been given (Fig.37).

Only at this moment, you can press on the emergency stop button (Fig.38).


Don’t worry if in the Logging Display appears the red warning with the message CRITICAL: MountContainer EMERGENCY_STOP, this is a engineering low-level information, please ignore it (Fig.41).